You’re never too old for fun clothes!

Here at Dragon & Monkey you will find clothing for all ages in bright colourful and unique fabric designs! 
Everything is handmade, by myself in my home in North Essex, England.
Sustainable, slow fashion is important to me and the running of my business. My items are made to last, and I hope you wear them with pride and when you are done pass them on.  These are not designed to be fast fashion, and I hope you get lots of use from your items.
All items are vegan and ethically produced. I support local, independent fabric designers, haberdashery and fabric suppliers as much as I can.  I also offer lots of ‘surprise’ items to avoid any fabrics going to waste, I want to use every scrap I can!  Anything that I cannot use goes to local schools and playgroups to be used for arts and crafts. 
I use paper based packaging which is reusable or fully recyclable, without compromising on protecting your items in transit.   

At Dragon & Monkey comfort is key – to see all that we do to ensure comfort and high quality clothing please read about section found here .

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